1 - T-Ball

T-Ball is most often for 4 and 5-year-olds. In general, kids do not play T-Ball for more than one season, unless requested by a parent. The kids hit off of a tee. There are no outs - every player bats once an inning, and the last player hits everyone home. Although outs are not counted - every runner is safe at first - trying to get an out is encouraged.  Games are played on Saturday mornings, with one afternoon practice scheduled during the week at the coach's discretion.

2 - Coach Pitch

Coach Pitch is typically for kids 6 to 7 years old. As the name implies, in this league, the pitching is done by the coaches, which helps the kids with hitting. Most everything else is like regular baseball. Games are played on Saturday mornings, with 1 or 2 practices scheduled during the week.

3 - Minors

The Minors division is for players 8 to 10 years old. Players age 9 and 10 may be eligible to move up to the Majors division depending on skill level, maturity and space availability. Games are 6 innings, with no new inning starting after 2 hours of play. There are kid pitchers and catchers. Games are held at 11am or 1pm on Saturdays, with occasional additional games during the week. Practices, typically once or twice during the week, are scheduled at the discretion of the coach.

4 - Majors

For players that are at least 9 years old before September 1 2017. Players that are eligible must tryout to be selected to be on a major league team. Teams are redrafted each year. Games are six innings long and are played at either 9am or 11am on Saturdays and at 5:45pm throughout the week (typically a total of 3 games per week). Teams practice once or twice per week depending on game schedule at the coach's discretion.


BA typically fields two All Star teams; one for players of league age 9 & 10 years and the second for players of league age 11 & 12. Players are selected based on performance during the regular season. All-star teams play against other all-star teams throughout Vermont beginning mid June. The season can go throughout the entire summer but generally ends sometime in mid-July. The commitment to All-Stars should be noted. Players will have practice every day that there is not a game. Practices are usually held in the late afternoon or early evening. There are usually 2-3 games per week. Players are asked to put All-Stars as their main summer commitment and be at all practices and games on time.

Summer Ball

Summer Ball typically starts when the All Star season concludes. BA typically fields two teams; one comprising players of league age 9/10 and an 11/12 team. Teams play teams from surrounding municipalities, with the season concluding in a regional championship

Fall Ball

Open to all league age players for next season who want to play. Typically we field a 9/10 and a 11/12 year old team. Fall Ball is more casual than the regular season, with and emphasis on skills development and equitable playing time.